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Jul 31, 2014 07:22 AM

Epicerie Boulud dirty lettuce

I know Epicerie Boulud gets mixed reviews but I've always liked it as an occasional treat, despite the price. I just really like that they have items that are relatively healthy but have a richness to them so I never feel like I'm just eating diet food.

However, I think I finally have to give it up…the lettuce on my side salad was rife with grit and dirt! I'm pretty easy going, but I can't stand it when eateries (especially $$$ ones) just aren't doing simple due diligence type stuff. Am I missing something…is it ever okay to serve lettuce like that?

So, while I may have recommended it in the past…I do NOT recommend going there anymore.

EDIT: for spelling, thanks H. Manning.

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  1. It's not okay to serve dirty lettuce, but mistakes happen. Someone accidentally grabbed the lettuce from the pre-wash stash instead of the post-wash, who knows. Send it back, they'll get you a new one. There's nothing wrong with a mistake as long as it's corrected. And if you don't -tell- them, they can't fix it. Most places are appreciative of a customer pointing out something like that.

    No reason to write off a place you've had multiple good meals at just on account of one salad that was off. If you told them and they were rude to you in response, or didn't fix it, that would be one thing, but I can't imagine that happening at a Boulud place. Heck, you'd probably get the salad comped, if anything.

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    1. re: sgordon

      That's true. I think I was more upset because I was already at my office and didn't want to schlep back to return it (and because it was relatively expensive).

      1. re: GallopingGargoyles

        If you're going to write a negative post... t's Epicerie Boulud, not Epicurie Boulud.

        1. re: H Manning

          Thanks! I searched Chowhound posts with my erroneous spelling and quite a few came up so I assumed I was correct. And I'm complaining about due diligence! Although this error didn't cost a grumpy morning person her breakfast treat and $9.

        2. re: GallopingGargoyles

          Ah, did not realize it was take-out. Probably should have called them at the time, at the very least, but oh well. I'd just mention it to them next time you're there. I suspect they'll be very apologetic.

      2. I don't think most restaurants, even the high end ones wash their fruits and vegetables mainly because water can make everything soggy.
        My friend once told me, make sure to order vegetables that grow in sand like spinach and leek because you know they HAVE to wash it.

        Btw. I bought a various kinds of their pates and sweets and I was very disappointed. Pates were just plain nasty...

        1. That does sound like a very frustrating experience- especially since you had taken it to go!
          However, I consider it a fairly minor offense- go back next time you are in the area and talk to the manager on duty about exactly what meal it was/date/time and they will likely appreciate the feedback and offer a replacement. In my book its not outrageous enough to bad mouth a place or never return-as mentioned it was likely an unintentional mistake...

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          1. re: Ttrockwood

            I think it's very bad at those prices, and considering what one would expect of such a shop. I got one of their boxed meals to go while I was a Hurricane Sandy refugee for the week and was quite impressed with it, but though I thought it was a fair value, I would have been very upset if the lettuce had been sandy, and if they don't want people to complain about such things, they should try harder to avoid doing them.