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Jul 31, 2014 07:17 AM

Paris in November

I am headed to Paris for a VERY short stay in November. I am looking for some great places to eat or to grab something to go. I have less than 24 hours on two separate days to explore the city and the food. My hotel is down by the Louvre. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Can you help us narrow the answers by giving us types of places, range of budget and what sounded interesting from reading prior queries like yours.

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      I realized how vague my question was after I submitted it, so please forgive me. Here is my schedule. I arrive at CDG around noon on Nov 8 and have to be on a train to Bordeaux by 9 am on Nov 9, I am then back in the city on Nov 16, again around noon and leaving from CDG on Nov 17 around 1 pm. Sine I only have a short amount of time to see and do all Paris has to offer I am really up for most anything. Here at home I tend to frequent farm to table restaurants that feature seasonal menus. I am an adventurous eater and up to try most anything, especially if it is a regional specialty. I understand that Paris is a melting pot of cultures and their isn't really a "Parisian" cuisine but would love recommendations of places that would be good for a quick inexpensive breakfast, great places to grab ingredients for a picnic if weather permits, mid priced bistro/cafe for lunch and maybe one extravagent dinner. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I have even heard you can schedule to have dinner in a locals home-which I would find interesting.

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        Le BAT offers the quickest, most inventive and also very good and inventive food. Plus it is located very centrally, in a walkable distance from the old Opera House (10 minutes) and from the Louvre (15 minutes through the lovely passages couverts). And in the evening there is also no reservation. If you arrive before 8pm, you should have no problem getting a table.

        No way would November have picnic weather. However, on November 8, a Saturday, (Nov 9 Sunday morning too, but you may not want to rush before departure) you can shop for foie gras, paté, rilletes, cheeses, fruits, a bottle of wine, etc., in a market to take with you later on the train. There are several markets, ranging from good to insanely good, in every of the 20 arrondissements. You don't need to schlep across town for THE virtuoso market. Just to the one nearest you.
        To find out where the markets are, look up this board or the internet for Paris markets. But bear in mind that for conspiratorial reasons, they all say that morning markets end at 3pm. They don't. They are all finished by 1pm.

    2. Oysters or a raw seafood platter would be one of the things I would eat in November in Paris.

      Suggestions: Huitrerie Regis in the 6th or one of the Boulevard Montparnasse brasseries. (I've been to La Rotonde, and enjoyed the oysters there, but have heard and read good things about the raw seafood platters arrondissements at other well-known brasseries nearby, too.)

      Many of the markets will have oysters for sale and shucking.