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Jul 31, 2014 06:33 AM

Cantonese Style Seafood Banquet Suggestions?

Going to be near Markham for a family event, and looking for a private Cantonese seafood banquet style dinner option for ~15 adults and 5 children. Are there any specific places that may have private rooms for a party this size with excellent food???

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  1. I like Dragon Boat Fusion in Richmond Hill. It is right by 404 and Hwy 7. I am not sure the private room is the right size for your group though.
    The seafood is top notch, they have a lot of live seafood tanks. It is not cheap but, they have many banquet options.
    160 E Beaver Creek Rd #4-6, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 4A7

    1. Right now, most consistent place is Casa Victoria. I organized a chowmeet there recently. Excellent food and service and they will adjust size of private rooms according to your need.

      O'Mei slightly towards Richmond Hill offers the unique Giant Lobster 5-6 ways and do offer [private room for bigger group. However, found their mark up a bit too steep.

      Another good reliable place is Dragon Boat on Hwy#7 and Beaver Creek. Rows of live seafood in tanks.