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Jul 31, 2014 05:22 AM

Crow & the Pitcher

This is a new one on me in the Rittenhouse Square area.
Any comments? Who is the chef? What type of food?

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  1. http://crowandthepitcher.com/dinner/

    The chef is Alex Capasso, former chef (and owner, I think) of Blackbird Dining Establishment in Collingswood.

    1. Looks like LaBan liked it. I like the idea of those coppa deviled eggs.


      1. We stopped in last Saturday night. Cocktails were well done, but on the small side. Husband had the "Monty Hall Problem" and, while it was tasty, I was definitely surprised at the size of the drink for $13. I had the "Crow and the Tonic" which was very refreshing and another drink which I can't recall the name of. We also had the roasted cauliflower app (delicious) and a red leicester washed rind cheese. We love cheese, but this one was definitely not something we would order again. It had a very strong, bitter sharpness that was a little too much. Saw a few people with burgers and they looked amazing.

        We'd definitely go back, but maybe during happy hour or for an actual meal. The bartender said they just recently started serving brunch. We live very close by, so it's a nice option.

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          Thanks for your report.
          If their cheese guy told you Red Leicester is a washed-rind cheese he (she) was doing a disservice. Usually has a heavy fat feel, but generally quite mild as is a pressed style product. Bitterness may reflect a product too long in the tooth, Le Bec's ironlung cheese cart notwithstanding.

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            I'm glad that cart has been restored. Sure looked like hell at the end at LBF

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                I was there Saturday and the washed rind was epoisse which is a seriously pungent cheese.

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                  My wife is French, but I had to ban the epoisse at our house for the sake of our marriage and refrigerator.

                  1. re: dndicicco

                    Boy, could she not live with me. For a variety of reasons, l suspect