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Jul 31, 2014 04:46 AM

New Knife Sharpening Video from Korin Just Posted on YouTube

Korin just uploaded a new sharpening video a couple of days ago. Only 8 minutes long but very coherent and succinct, to my mind. (I've seen some really long-winded ones....I'm looking at you, Murray Carter).

As always, different people have different approaches to various aspects of hand sharpening. This is only one person's approach.

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  1. Thanks for linking to this. Was on the Korin site yesterday, thinking about signing up for a knife sharpening class, and didn't even see it.

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      If you go, leave your credit cards home.

      1. re: jimonyc

        I have one of their knives. The difference between theirs and my Sabatiers is like the difference between a premier cru and two buck Chuck. I put it back in the box and hide it when I have overnight guests.

    2. Nice, succinct video. Does a few things differently than I do, but everyone has their own style.

      One problem though - the advice to use a more obtuse angle for the '30' or smaller beveled side is problematic. Most often, factory asymmetrical edges range from using angles that are about equal on each side to using a lower (more acute) angle on the smaller bevel. Even this is not always the case, and the best policy is to find and follow the existing geometry of the knife, but often raising the angle for the back of the knife will just result in making a microbevel or slowly changing the edge geometry of the blade. I should also note that this isn't the end of the world, and the knife will still function with the edges set to different angles than those chosen by the manufacturer.

      1. <coherent and succinct, to my mind. (I've seen some really long-winded ones....I'm looking at you, Murray Carter).>

        Ha ha ha. I respect Murray Carter, but I totally get what you are talking about. :)