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Jul 31, 2014 01:12 AM

Beijing dumplings in London?

I was wondering if anyone knew of a place in London that serves cheap and cheerful Beijing style dumplings?

Not dim sum; I'm talking about the gyoza like pork dumplings, which are either steamed or fried (Jiaozi?).

I know Silk Road in Campberwell do them, but its a bit out of my way.

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  1. Jen Cafe in Chinatown is my go to place for Jiaozi.

    1. might meet the brief.
      It was quick, inexpensive and authentic.

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        I've had Baozi's boiled dumplings in hot sour soup several times over the past 2 years and really like them; meaty, tasty dumplings swimming in vinegary soup with lovely heat level. They are more like the wonton-type dumping than the gyoza-like but good size & tasty. Last week our visiting college daughter remembered a previous meal there and asked to go 2 days in a row for dan dan noodles - her favorite, especially with some of the sour broth from my soup bowl :).

      2. As it so happens there is a place on Lisle St called Beijing Dumplings. Saw a dude making fresh dumplings in the window today, looked good.

        1. Try Mama Lan. I've been to their original location in Brixton market. They also have a location in Clapham. They have four varieties of handmade dumplings. Priced at 5 for 5£, it should definitely fulfill your cheap requirement. I've tried most of the dumplings in Chinatown and have been disappointed every time. Maybe I'm too picky, but I lived in Beijing for 6 months and practically survived on dumplings. The ones from Mama Lan are the closest that I've found to the ones that I ate in Beijing.

          1. Thanks for the tips! I'll scope them out and report back. So many dumplings, so little time.