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Jul 30, 2014 07:49 PM

Looking for lunch delivery in the Financial District [San Francisco]

I hate ordering lunch for the attorneys in my office. I find it demeaning, anxiety-ridden, and extremely annoying, particularly because I never eat out in this area myself and always simply bring snacks to eat throughout the day.

So I need all the help I can get.

Here’s the low-down:

There are only 10 attorneys, but I order extra because the paralegals like to eat the leftovers (no comment . . . ), so usually I order, say, 12 sandwiches cut in half, a huge salad, a side, and sometimes dessert.

They all eat meat and gluten, but I stay away from seafood due to messiness factor. One has a heart condition, so at least one healthy option on the menu is welcome.

The budget is about $200 after delivery and tip, but going a little over for better quality or for the addition of a great dessert (they loooove cookies) is fine.

Right now I have an ongoing rotation of: Orale Orale, Chez Fayala, Sausalito Café, Extreme Pizza, Split Bread, La Med, and Osha Thai. Seems like a good number, but it stills feels repetitive. Also, they already looooove Split Bread, so I’m not really looking for another sandwich place, unless it’s sensational.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Have you tried I haven't in SF but love it in NYC.

      1. We've been getting some really good food from Caviar. They'll even deliver from Shanghai Dumpling King to the Financial District.

        1. Cafe Terminus is great.

          And I think you should look for a new job you like better - with people you like and like to feed and make happy ;-).

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          1. re: foodeye

            I've never seen or heard of this. Thanks!

          2. I use for good quality, reputable restaurants that deliver to my office (also in the FiDi). Loving it thus far.

            They do individual meals, or catering style (order a bit ahead for that).

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            1. re: bobabear

              Where have some of your favorite restaurant deliveries been from?