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Jul 30, 2014 07:34 PM

Best Tanglewood (pre-concert) Meal?

We're stopping for one night in the Lenox/Lee area for a concert at Tanglewood after a week on the Cape. Wondering if anyone has opinions as to whether the best experience would be to pack a picnic, or whether there's a Lenox-area restaurant (or 2) that stand out as must-try's.

For the picnic option, any favorite handy markets to buy fabulous stuff?

In general, any relevant culinary thoughts on a quick trip to the area are appreciated!


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  1. Both guidos on rt 7 and spirit are good places for picnic stuff.
    Are you doing an evening or afternoon concert?

    1. I would highly recommend packing your own luxury picnic from the wonderful offerings at Guido's and Spirited...... you can't go wrong!

      1. Chez Nous in Lee. Also in Lee the Cakewalk Bakery packs very nice chicken salad baguette sandwiches and quiches.

        1. We loved Chez Nous, but parking at Tanglewood is such a hassle that I would bring a picnic, as we did on several occasions. We ordered ahead from NeJaime in Lenox, and it was very good

          1. I haven't seen Nudel mentioned this year. Is it still good?

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              Yes, but no reservations so won't work pre Tanglewood unless one is prepared to go very early and wait on line

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                That's how we did it a few years ago. So worth it. But I haven't seen any recent reviews.

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                  Since we live in the area we go when it is less crazy. I would be too anxious re: timing.

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                  Thanks all for the quick and helpful replies.

                  I had seen Nudel in the area's offerings, and as some have said, the no-reservation situation doesn't seem to work with Tanglewood, plus we'd like to have time to see the grounds before the concert and relax. Picnic it is!

                  Thanks again...