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Jul 30, 2014 07:33 PM

Greek Restaurant in Fayetteville Mall.

I use to go to an Greek Restaurant in the Fayetteville Mall in the 80's. I remember walking in seeing barrels of stuff and an area w/ greek olives. I think that it was included in the salad bar and you could get that stuff w/ your dinner. I went there all the time w/ my cousin but forgot the name.

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  1. King David's? I've only been in the Marshall St. one so I can't speak to the barrels.

    1. If there's a BJ's Warehouse near you, I know they carry Hebrew National salami

      1. I am guessing that it is a Greek Restaurant because of all the Greek olives they carried. I remember we ate pasta from there. I sent an email to my cousin to see if she remembers. I haven't heard from her yet.

        1. I FIGURED IT OUT!! I was reading a book and they said the word "vineyard". I kept reading and suddenly, I realized that was the name. The Vineyard. I'm so happy I remembered it. Now if I could remember the other restaurant. I am pretty sure it wasn't a Greek restaurant because my cousin, who took me there, doesn't like Greek food. I think it was Italian cause I remember the spaghetti. :D lol