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Jul 30, 2014 07:12 PM

How to make congealed pork's blood?

So I'm trying to make Chao Huyet Heo (congealed pork blood congee) and I couldn't find the already congealed pork blood but amazingly enough I was able to get my hands on some frozen pork's blood. How do you go about changing it to the liquid form to the jiggly solid form?

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  1. Heating blood with salt will cause it to coagulate and thicken, but to get the smooth texture you're looking for, I'd look up how to make "blood tofu."

    1. Growing up in Hawaii I remember my family, and relatives "making their own meat". This was my Mother's explanation to my brother and I as kids. Lol. I recall that adding vinegar, and salt to the fresh blood while stirring caused it to coagulate. Haven't had 1st hand experience but that's what I recall.

      1. I think from reading around the key is to find fresh pig's blood. Upon defrosting the frozen blood, the coagulants had separated from the blood making a huge stringy mess.

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          You could probably still just bake it or steam it in a shallow pan at fairly low temp until it sets up.