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Jul 30, 2014 06:47 PM

"No Strollers — No High Chairs — No Booster Chairs"

A restaurant in Monterey, California:

My kind of place.

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  1. "...Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the Monterey’s Peninsula’s biggest tourist attractions and some say the sign at the restaurant is sending the wrong message."

    Doesn't seem like the wrong message for this business' owner. He's had the policy in place for two years now, and he's still in business. Obviously enough people really like the policy. It works for him, or his profit-loss statement would've taken a big hit, and he'd have changed it by now.

    Just because someplace is a tourist attraction doesn't mean everything around it has to accommodate children. Seriously, childless or older adults *do* travel to tourist attractions without any children in tow, and they just *might* like to eat someplace without any children. Yes, even in Summer.

    1. I actually grew up nearby. The entire fisherman's warf area is almost exclusively tourists and the community at large is very child friendly.
      That specific restaurant considers itself one of the "fancy" restaurants in the immediate area, and from that point of view I can understand the (very successful and very wealthy) restaurant owner's point of view.

      There are many other options on the warf itself with similar seafood centric menus for dinner with poorly behaved children.

      (Ps if you ever are in the area Massaro and Santos on the coast guard pier has the same great view yet much better food than the warf restaurants, and minimal tourists)

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      1. re: Ttrockwood

        Do they allow sleeping babies in car seats and well behaved children that have been taught how to behave in restaurants?
        No screeching. No tantrums. No throwing food. No throwing toys. No crawling around tables. No running around tables.
        Sounds family friendly to me.

        1. Sounds good to me. If I happen to have the grandkids I will just find a place with Happy Meals. No Problem. Otherwise it is peace and quiet,at a restaurant that more or less promises me that.

          1. More restaurants should ban or discourage small children. If you can't afford a babysitter, you really can't afford to go to a nice restaurant, either.

            Oh ... it's on the wharf in Monterey? Right, a tourist hellhole if ever there was one. But even in touristic locales, there should be at least one or a few restaurants strictly for people who are quiet, housebroken and know how to eat with a knife and fork ... or chopsticks, if that's appropriate.