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Jul 30, 2014 06:16 PM

New and notable special occasion restaurant

Local Chowhound here looking for suggestions for birthday dinner. Getting tired of our old standards: Nell's, Il Terrazzo, Nishino and The Met. Went to Terra Plata last year and enjoyed the rooftop deck.

No real price point or cuisine requirements other than they must be able to accommodate a dairy allergy and take reservations. Seattle or Eastside locations preferred.

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  1. not sure of your timing for this or if my suggestion is even open yet but 99 park in bellevue looks like it may a good fit. just google it.

    other potential options-have to ask about dairy issue:
    the whale wins
    rock creek
    sitka and spruce
    mistral kitchen
    ?what used to be the book bindery is due to reopen as hommage soon

    1. I always go to Cafe Juanita for my birthday. Does dairy include butter? (I'm dairy intolerant but can eat butter). You'd have to call them to find out if they could work around that. Loulay is also a good choice. Any chance you'd like to hop on a ferry and go to Bainbridge? Marche or Hitchcock or Four Swallows (pretty much in that order, in my opinion).

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        can't believe i forgot cafe juanita! 5 mins from my house and definitely worth a special occasion. top of the list!

      2. Six/Seven in the Edgewater is nice and has a great view and good food and always does well for special occasions.

        Poppy could also be nice. It can get a little loud, but their food is wonderful and they are good at service as well.

        1. Thanks for all the recs. 99 Park isn't open in time. I emailed and next week is the soft opening for friends and families only. Menu looks good though.

          Unfortunately no butter. True dairy allergy, not just intolerance. We've been to Cafe Juanita and will keep in it mind in the future. It sounds like they are trying harder to accommodate allergies now.

          Decided to try Aragona. Will report back.

          We've been to Loulay and just don't like the atmosphere for groups. You are packed in too tightly and it's hard to have conversations with anyone not sitting beside you.

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            Definitely like Aragona, especially the Bar, but the one time we sat in the dining room it was really noisy - hard to actually talk across the table.