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Jul 30, 2014 06:09 PM

cake to the Westin, looks unimportant

I did a search, but nothing recent popped up. We'll be at the Buckhead Westin for a weekend next month and celebrating a family birthday. The guest of honor couldn't care less what the cake looks like, and would probably prefer a "normal-looking" cake -- we just need a great-tasting classic chocolate birthday cake delivered. It's okay if there is a big delivery fee, etc -- this is a 70th birthday and a bit of a splurge is just fine. Any ideas?

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  1. There is a Palm Restaurant in your hotel...they have chocolate cake on the menu. I'm sure they'd be happy to make and sell you a whole one. That would be the easiest way. Another option is the Lenox Square Mall next door. I'm sure there is a restaurant or bakery in the mall that could accommodate you.

    1. i am by no means a cake expert - and i have no idea what delivery options are but Rhodes Bakery on Cheshire Bridge has been pretty awesome for me since i was a little kid ... but again, i know nothing about what makes great cakes. their orange chafon (spelling?) is great - and i'd think the classic chocolate would be pretty good.

      1. I you wanted fancier, I'd get something from Alon's. Not sure about delivery, etc. In a pinch, there's always Publix.

        1. Absolutely you can't go wrong with Rhodes Bakery. I also don't know about their delivery options. But I do know that A Piece of Cake delivers, and their cakes are also truly outstanding.

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            I second Piece of Cake. Simple, high quality cakes and cupcakes. You can't go wrong, and several locations aroudn the city.