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Jul 30, 2014 04:25 PM

Does Bubba Gumps Have the best Turtle Soup in New Orleans?

Sorry but I didn’t think “another visitor seeking advice” would garner much interest.
San Francisco Hound headed to New Orleans mid August for 5 nights - would be grateful for any feedback on our proposed itinerary.
Our crew: myself, wife who doesn’t drink, and our 6 year old daughter. I haven’t been back to N.O. since a couple visits in 1988-89 while visiting my sister at Tulane, once during Mardi Gras. My wife and daughter have never been. Staying at the Omni in the French Quarter.

Saturday August 9 arrive 5:15 a.m., red eye
Breakfast EAT Nola (brunch 9-2:00); or The Old Coffee Pot (Opens at 8:00, near hotel); and
Café du Monde (beignets, café au lait)
Dinner-Cochon (7:00 reso);

Sunday August 10- City Park
Café Beignet for beignets/coffee
Lunch: Mandina’s (on way to City Park, opens at 11:00)
Imperial Woodpecker Sno-Balls
Dinner – Dante’s Kitchen (7:00 reso); Columns happy hour on the way
La Divina Gelato for dessert

Monday August 11 – Zoo,
Domlise’s Po Boys (closed Sun and Thur) on way to Zoo
Hansen’s Sno Bliz on way home
Dinner: Domenica happy hour pizzas – clam pie; Angelo Brocato for dessert – cannolis, etc.
Preservation Hall Jazz show 8:00

Tuesday August 12 – Aquarium/Imax Movie/Insectarium
Lunch: Napoleon House, (mufalettas, pims cup);
Dinner-Galatoires (6:00 reso)

Wednesday August 13
Lunch: Luke ($20 lunch special T-F);
Dinner: Toops Meatery ? (Tues-Sat, near City Park); Dick & Jenny’s ? (closed Monday, open 10-3:00 on Sunday; 11-2:00 and 5:30-10:00 all other days)?; Boucherie (Tues-Sat)?

Thursday August 14 – 6:00 return flight
Mr. B’s (BBQ shrimp, gumbo Ya Ya) – lunch
Cochon Butcher for sandwiches for flight; or City Market for mufalettas
6:15 flight out

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  1. What do you need us for? This is perfect. Remember to bring your swim trunks for the Cool Zoo. Also, you may want to buy an Audobon membership for $149 which would allow you to visit the Aquarium, insecterium and zoo instead of paying for each venue indivdually. Check the prices and figure it out from home. Remember it will be hot out and your six year old might get cranky on such an ambitious itinerary. Don’t be afraid to cancel something and get some rest.

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    1. re: shanefink

      Well lounging at the rooftop pool is also a major part of the plan. Believe me this is a pared down list. Last time I was there I thought man what a great city can't wait to come back, then 26 years went by so its hard not to try to cram a lot in.

    2. No they don't but your post is spot on....

      1. When you leave Mandina's Angelo Brocato is a 3 minute walk...You could get ice cream one visit, and cookies, cake and pastry the other.

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        1. As a fellow parent of a 6 year old, I'd also like to suggest (warning, non food suggestion) the Louisiana Children's museum. We visit twice a year, and my daughter insists on going every time. It's a great place, in a convenient spot in the warehouse district. We typically wander over to the bar @ Emeril's for a slice of banana cream pie either before/after. Well thought out itinerary btw.

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          1. re: GDPhalp

            Thanks, the Children's museum wasn't on my radar. Will probably get the multipass for the zoo-imax-Aquarium noted by Shanefink. Maybe we should have come for a full week.

          2. Note that Domenica's happy hour ends at 5 so you might not make it in time, but it's still great at full price.