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Jul 30, 2014 02:14 PM

Pi Bakery Soho

I was in the area for work and had the spanikopita and some baklava for a quick lunch. These were really good, the phyllo was outstanding. Apparently the same owners as Artopolis in Astoria which has been my favorite Greek bakery for a while now. Hopefully I will be in that area more as there were a number of items I wanted to try.

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  1. This is awesome news, I love Artopolis.

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      The baklava compared very favorably to Artopolis. The filling in the spanikopita was good too, I believe there could have been some leeks in there as well which is how it is done in some parts of Greece. Give it a shot when you get a chance.

    2. I thought the filling in the Spanokopita, and a similar filling (maybe more cheese?) in an open, round tart like offering, was delicious. The phylo was very good too, although not buttery as I hoped. The Almond pound cake was fine, but didn't seem like a great value. Looking forward to many future visits, I think this is going to be a keeper.

      1. I love a good baklava, so after reading several good intros on Pi Bakerie, I couldn't wait to give it a try. The one line that sold me however, was Grubstreet's
        mention of a "Turkish baklava maven" recruited at Pi..

        Gave the place a whirl last weekend, and I am happy to report that the place is a nice addition to the area. It's a nice bright space, high ceilings, very inviting, and worth a stop if you're looking for a coffee and snack, or a more substantial meal.

        I'm more of a purist - I ordered the traditional (walnuts, almonds) - but they do offer a chocolate one as well. The baklava was really delicious (see attached pic). It was not too sweet (really dread the baklavas that make your tooth ache), the layers oozed a bit when I pressed my fork against it, and the top was crispy.

        I would go back to try the other items that MVNYC mentioned - the spanakopita did look very enticing!

        1. I stopped in here today for a late breakfast after a windy citibike ride- the greek coffee certainly perked me up quickly, and the greek yogurt with baklava and sour cherry compote was super thick and rich with a nice balance of sweet and tart.
          I got pistachio baklava for a snack later and although i'm no expert it had great pistachio flavor and wasn't overly sweet.
          I never would have thought to go here but came across this thread looking for ideas- thanks MVNYC!

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              Glad you enjoyed. Their pastries remind me of my parents home. Excellent quality for America

            2. I love their harvest Pie - basically a spanakopita with very little cheese and four different greens. So savory!