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Jul 30, 2014 01:42 PM

Making REAL Danish Pastry

Having decades-old memories of REAL Danish pastries from a bakery in a small town in Denmark. Light, crunchy, not these awful bread-dough things we have in US bakeries.

Before I leave this planet, I want to figure out how to make the REAL Danish pastries. I'd even invest in imported butter, if that's what it'll take. And I'd even get a kitchen scale to weigh the flour if that will make a difference [and it might!]

Can anyone point me in a direction? Some good recipes? a great baking book?

Thank you so much - and FWIW, I'm not planning to leave the planet any time soon :)

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  1. Danish pastry done properly is a kind of laminated dough.

    Here's some info on laminating dough:

    And on Danish Pastry:

    And another:

    1. I'm Danish and feel your pain. Using imported butter is important and worth the money. I would use Lurpak Danish butter, but any good European cultured butter would be good. :)

      I'll have to look through my recipes for something good, but roxlet gave a good start. Making good Danish is not easy. The bakers there train for years if I remember correctly.