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Jul 30, 2014 01:24 PM

What's your favorite Friday lunch spot?

Hi there,

Manhattan CHer here who's coming up to Boston tomorrow for a long weekend. Friday I'll be having lunch by myself and am looking for something very tasty. Price/location don't really matter; I just want to experience something delicious I can't have in NYC.

I'm staying in Back Bay, but willing to travel. Myers + Chang or L'Espalier piqued my interest so far, but would love other suggestions.


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  1. You're going to be hard pressed to find something you can't have in NYC (M&C and L'Espalier included).

    That being said, I enjoy a weekday lunch at the bar at Coppa, and it is a nice environment for dining solo. They have a good patio space as well. Coppa is just around the corner from M&C, and both are open through the afternoon. If you have time for a leisurely lunch, you could do a few plates at each. That area is easily walkable from the Back Bay if you wanted to walk off some of the food afterward.

    L'Espalier is a good value for lunch IMO.

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      I'm following Black Lab. On Friday afternoons my feet just seem to take me to Coppa. It's a perfect way to celebrate when all the deadlines are met.


    2. Perhaps see if you can get into Row 34 for lunch?

      1. How about Strip T's in Watertown?

        1. I also agree with the Coppa, L'Esplaier and Row 34 suggestions.

          My favorite leisurely lunch if I am working from home and have some time to burn is still Neptune Oyster though, especially if I can get there close to opening time. West Bridge is another place I frequent for lunch because it is around the corner, convenient and great.

          1. A leisurely lunch at L'Espalier is always a sybaritic treat. I think Row 34 is terrific and the oysters are grand. Completely Boston might be unpretentious steamers and lobster sandwich at Alive 'n Kickin which is a seafood joint with a funky outside patio in Cambridge. Have a great sandwich and people watch outside in Back Bay at the Parrish Café on Boylston near the Commons.