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Jul 30, 2014 01:23 PM

Frozen Kirin beer

Does anybody know of any bars or restaurants in the LA area that serve frozen Kirin beer? I read they have it at Dodger stadium, but is there anywhere else? Thank you!

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    1. re: blimpbinge

      Thanks , I'll have to check it out.

    2. for some reason i've visualizing exploding containers and beer coating the insides of freezers.

      1. I have had it in Japan, and believe me, it is nothing special at all.
        The scenario that Barry C tells of could be the best thing to happen to it.
        If you ever go to Japan, get a bottle of Grand Kirin from a 7-11. It is 6% alc., all malt and one of the best beers they have ever made.

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        1. re: Tripeler

          Yeah, I'm fully prepared to be disappointed. But I like trying gimmicks.

          1. re: Steady33

            Don't be discouraged, you should still try it out.

            1. re: blimpbinge

              We tried it at the Dodger game and enjoyed our frozen foam beer for what it is. Don't go into it expecting tectonic plates to shift in regards to flavor.

              It's the same lager as before just with a snow cap. : ]

            2. re: Steady33

              I'll back tripeler's suggestion, if you go to japan. They have more domestic beers and constantly have seasonal specials (this includes food, events, festivals, etc) all year around.

              I try to go yearly and there's always something unique.

          2. Ive had frozen beer, but its been by accident every time [it happens to me kinda often] cause i like my nectar very very cold.

            I put my happy juice in the freezer for obvious reasons and i'll forget one until its a little late and BAM!!!!! I dont dump it cause i believe its unGodliness to do such a thing so i have it slurpee style.

            If you like flat beer that lacks what beer is supposed to be then you'll like it frozen

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            1. re: fgrade

              It's not actually frozen. It's their normal beer topped off with beer slush... Made of their normal beer.