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Jul 30, 2014 01:13 PM

Going away drinks and apps in Downtown Crossing Area

Hello all,

I will be leaving my current job of 7 years in August. I have been asked to come up with a suggestion for a place for after work drinks. I would love the place to also have some great appetizers. Two conditions: It is going to be on a Monday (ugh) and would like it to be in the Downtown Crossing area. Previously we have done JM Curleys but the problem is there may be a lot of people attending and JM Curleys has not been the best for that in the past. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Silvertone has a great private space with a separate bar which is perfect for this kind of thing.

    1. The Merchant and Carrie Nation have very large spaces and should be able to accommodate you, even if it is a walk in. If you are able to call ahead though, Shojo in Chinatown would be great for this and have fantastic drinks and small plates.

      1. I like Marliave in that area and it tends to have enough space for a group, especially on a Monday.

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          I second Marliave. Another option would be Kingston Station.

        2. We had a company party at Stoddard's which was really nice. Good food, good drinks, good atmosphere.

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            stoddard's isn't much bigger than jm curley's though. if it's bigger at all? more than once have been driven out by groups "not-that-large", 10-15ish, that seemed like going-away parties, just like the op.

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              Stoddard's has a sizeable downstairs area too - depending on size, you might be able to reserve it.

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                We were in the downstairs area. It was excellent.

          2. In addition to the other great suggestions, I'd add Petit Robert Central depending on your price point. They have half-priced appetizers and not too expensive drinks and a nice bar area.