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Jul 30, 2014 12:08 PM

littlefork or Cliff's Edge for dinner?

I've never been to littlefork and my dining companions have been to neither. For those who have been to both, would you point me in one direction or the other (and state the reason why)?

I'm also open to alternative suggestions in the surrounding areas of these two (downtown/silver lake). I also had L&E Oyster Bar and Messhall Kitchen on my radar (haven't been to those either).

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  1. I probably don't qualify to respond, but I just want to put a shout-out for littlefork, which I think is an underrated and overlooked restaurant in LA.

    Few places are doing Canadian/Montreal inspired comfort food in an inventive fashion that is not totally pretentious.

    Everyone focuses on the egg, and for good reason, but the steak tartare is a darling in the making.

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      ...and Littlefork has killer smoked meats and poutines and hefty cocktails.

      I forget the name of their current seasonal cocktail on offer (I had it about a week back) Vodka, pomegranate syrup, and something else. Tastes just like a glass of boozy apple butter!

      If'in you want to be super gluttonous (true Montreal-style LOL), you can get the Montrealer for $29...1 lb lobster roll piled high on top of their smoked meats. Totally heartattack enducing, but sooo good!

      I've never been to Cliff's Edge, but I have been to Littlefork a number of times and have always enjoyed it.

    2. I think Littlefork is more of a food choice. I like it there a lot. Cliff's Edge has good food, but a fabulous patio which is just a really special place. So....if atmosphere with good food is what you're looking for, Cliff's Edge would be it. If you're interested in good seafood, in a lively atmosphere, I'd recommend Littlefork.

      1. Cocktails @ LF are great, and they got a good oyster hour/happy hour if you want to check it out without breaking the bank.

        1. Jason Travi was opening chef at LittleFork.
          Vartan Abgaryan is now head chef at Cliff's Edge, having previously been at Public Kitchen and Test Kitchen.
          Thus both have good food-focused kitchens.
          Cliff's Edge has its edge, if one be needed, in its outdoor patio.
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