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Jul 30, 2014 11:24 AM

Anyone catching "Restaurant Startup" on CNBC?

Someone mentioned this on the MasterChef thread so I checked it out. CNBC is not a usual channel I go looking for shows on. It was actually pretty good, and Joe Bas- whatever gave a better impression of actually having some brains than he does on MasterChef. He's still a prick.

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  1. I happen to be watching right now! Interesting. The two episodes I've seen, they didn't choose the ream I did. One was "The Conery", the other was "Bimbo Burgers" or similar.

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      I've watched three and on all three of them (including the two you mentioned), I picked the "other" team. I thought the gal on the Konery episode was nuts with her final decision. I also thought her "concept" was pretty unappealling to begin with. Somehow these folks seem to think that money should just fall out of the sky for them.

    2. I like it so far. I agree that Joe B. doesn't come off as so prickish in these episodes, but rather he sounds like a seasoned veteran. I'm not sure why he went for that Egghead junior look, but that's a whole other story. Tim Love brings a new face to the game. That's a plus.

      Restaurant Startup ...

      1. Just saw Ep. 04 (Bling Bling Dumplings; Mills + Company).

        Enjoyed mostly the pitches and interaction between Tim/Joe and the applicants during the pitches.

        What it demonstrates about Joe B. is what most viewers of MC have thought: MC is just an acting gig (the bad cop role), where he's mostly reciting lines, and not doing a very good job of it. He does the exact same schtick on Masterchef Italia, except he's doing it in Italian. Joe's much more natural on RS.

        Not crazy about the show, but may try another episode.

        1. I watched a few episodes. I'm on the fence whether I like it or not though. I'm getting so sick of how the producers have to dramatize the hell out of everything, and make the shows hosts act so mean like that. There's only so many times they can keep pointing out "we're just here to make money" before it gets old. Also, the budgeting is going to wind up being about the same for every episode, $1,500 or so for the logo and signs, $50 a piece for uniforms, $400 or so left for food, etc... Tim/Joe act like assholes to the participants, and that consultant lady is a real cranky b$%!# too. Can't they simply make a show that is informative and interesting, without having to ham it up with all the drama like that? It's so forced too.