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Jul 30, 2014 11:14 AM

Favorite Horchata in LA or environs

though for me the past i've had in the past couple years has been in Santa Barbara, Freebirds Isla Vista of all places.

pure dope bliss.

thanks guys.

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  1. guisados' horchata is outrageously awesome.

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    1. re: ns1

      +1 on Guisado's and Huarache Azteca Ristorante as well.

      1. re: JAB

        have you guys tried the OG Freebird's in Isla Vista horchata ???????

        not that you would ever end up there, natch.

        but still.

    2. there is a taco place on virgil and santa monica called El Pollo Unico that has delicious horchata blended to order.

      the tacos de cabeza are excellent as well. my two year old eats three at a time - just the meat, but it's that good. there will likely be a asador outside working the grill and stirring up a cloud of scented smoke - the pollo is very good.

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      1. re: tastycakes

        Thanks for the heads up. I've always wondered about that place. Taking my dog for a bath next door and I'll stop by for tacos and horchata.

        1. re: tastycakes

          Pollo Unico's pollo's good, though you have to make sure that you get one that hasn't been on the grill TOO long, 'cause they will eventually dry out. Sides (beans and rice) are unremarkable; tortillas are great though.

        2. during non-vampire hours: Rocio's. Juan's. Moles de Los Reyes (basically anything Rocio has touched).

          vampire hours: El Sapo, East Los Angeles.

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          1. re: TonyC

            So, so agree with Rocio's. She's a freaking witch/genius.

          2. As of a few years ago, Taco Zone's was a thing of wonder.

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            1. re: Papuli

              Where's taco zone. ?????

              I don't think I've even heard of it before.

              1. re: kevin

                Frequently mentioned on this board.

                Taco trailer (towed by a van) that sets up after 8PM on Alvarado just north of Sunset. Great suadero and cabeza tacos as well.

                1. re: JeMange

                  Wow. Thanks jange.

                  This is a great Rex.

                  Never heard about it
                  Before. Sounds like a fine find.

                  Shoot. Now why didn't I hear about it before ?????

                  Btw. Do you also really like the horchata here ??????

                  Thanks man.

                  1. re: kevin

                    it's a taco truck that was fairly big/popular before tacos got crazy, circa 2005 - 2009?

                    1. re: kevin

                      I like the horchata at Taco Zone but can't say it blew me away, however I tend to order it every time I pay them a visit. The made to order horchata at El Pollo Unico... now, that's something I gotta try.

                      1. re: JeMange

                        wait, el pollo unico (ie in pasadena) does a made to order horchata!??!

              2. Escala if its Mexican Horchata (spiked with rum, bonus)

                Jaragua for Central American horchata.

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                1. re: ipsedixit

                  Is central American the one with the lashings of raspberry or some other syrup in it ?????

                  Thanks ID.