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Jul 30, 2014 10:45 AM

How/what to order at Uchiko

My husband and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary this evening. Our travel plans fell through, but he has surprised me by offering to take me to Uchiko, a restaurant outside his comfort zone. I am more adventurous and loved it when we went a few years ago, but we were lost at that time and had no idea what to order. Can anyone offer quick suggestions for us? I would hate to just do the standard rolls/flavors that I'm use to at other places just because they are familiar. I don't want to miss out on what makes Uchiko great. I hope I'm not too late! Thanks in advance.

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  1. I personally think the cooked dishes are better than the sushi at Uchi/Uchiko. I would probably skip the rolls entirely though I have a soft spot for the ham and eggs.

    Why not give over control and just go for the Omakase.

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      I agree with lixlix. If you're going all out for your 20th (congratulations, by the way), and you aren't sure what to order, go with the omakase and let the experts take care of you. The surprise of what's coming next is half the fun.

      If there are one or two things that are totally off limits, just let the waiter know and they'll accommodate you.

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        "I have a soft spot for the ham and eggs"

        most everybody knows I am Uchiko crazy...on those rare occasions the parental unit make there without me... the kitchen always packs up and order of the Ham and Eggs for them to bring home me... it has been on my list from age 9 as top favourite food of allllll time :)

      2. Some of our favorites:
        Hama Chili
        Brussel Sprouts (Amazing!)
        Jar Jar Duck
        Fried Chicken
        Corn Sorbet
        Fried Milk

        1. Go for happy hour or social hour and sit at the bar. You get better service and have more food options.

          1. have fun and congratulations~

            1. Hi! I just wanted to give you all an update. We ended up picking up our 19 yr old son from UT because we knew he'd love Uchiko and we love celebrating with our children, so there were 3 of us. (Our 18yo is in PA visiting friends. Just as well since he would have wanted to stop by In n Out Burger afterwards. Ugh)

              We asked about the Omakase but our waiter suggested the other option which is where we trust him to make the decisions, with input from us along the way. He said the chef would concentrate on the specials, so we'd miss out on all the "fun stuff" on the regular menu if we went regular Omakase.

              We started out with (going off our receipt) Hama Chili, Hot Rock, and Brussels Sprouts. Brussels sprouts are the one item I have eaten in my life (as a teen) that I couldn't swallow and gave myself permission to never ever attempt to eat again. Based on reviews, I decided to give them one more chance at Uchiko. Oh my! Who knew Brussels sprouts could taste like that! My poor husband tried to order another bowl of them since he loved them so much but the waiter misunderstood and thought he was looking for something "similar to" the Brussels sprouts. So he never got his second bowl. The upside is he's probably up to a return visit just so he can get another bowl of those little gems.

              I will list the rest of the items that were brought to us but unfortunately I can't comment on them much since it was just one delicious bite after the other and after a bit I wasn't sure what I was eating. All I know is that it was all good.

              So, after the starters, we had Madai, Hamachi, and Sake Toro. Then we had Crunchy Tuna. After this i asked for something with pork belly and he brought Mori Bacon. I think our server thought we surely must be done, but we asked for another roll similar to the Crunchy Tuna and this is when my husband tried to order more Brussels Sprouts. What we received were P-38 Roll and Tempura Nasu. We finished with Hotate and Ko Viche.

              We then ordered Tobacco Cream, Fried Milk, and they brought us a complimentary Chess Pie for dessert.

              So, we had quite a lot I think and my husband had his share of everything except the Hot Rock and P-38 roll. He really is a pasta, meat & potatoes kind of guy so I was very happy and impressed by him. He doesn't like the idea of cooking at the table. I think he was overwhelmed when we went to Korea House for Mothers Day so that's why he didn't have any Hot Rock. And the seaweed on the outside of the P-38 roll turned him off. But he did enjoy the Hotate, so I don't get it.

              The stand outs for me were the Ko Viche (I love tomatillo), the Mori Bacon (of course), the Sake Toro, Tempura Nasu, and Hamachi Sushi. We enjoyed it all. It was the perfect restaurant to celebrate. Thanks for the help! I appreciate it.

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                sounds wonderful! glad you both enjoyed it. thanks for reporting back.