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Ciro and Sal's Disappoints in Major Way

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Our last night on the Cape and we decide to splurge on a lovely Italian feast at Ciro and Sal's in P-town. We make a 7 pm reservation, arrive at 6:50, are seated promptly and our order taken. The house looks active but not slammin' with people. Despite 4 visits by our server to ask if we're OK, no food arrived until 8 pm. The pasta puttanesca is missing olives, capers, anchovies, and any pizzazz that the dish should have. The accompanying side of broccoli and garlic arrives raw and is sent back. The second diner's side of pasta and her main dish of stuffed seafood is so heavily laden with thyme that it is nearly inedible. My chicken cutlet and pasta with olive oil and garlic is fine. We ask the server (a lovely woman) about the puttanesca and the thyme-filled dishes, registering our disappointment politely. We're told the chef-owner is doing all the cooking and we're offered a free dessert - nothing is taken off the bill. Frankly, we can't wait to get out of the place. It's $40 for a dish of disappointing pasta. Subsequently, a bus-person is cleaning the table next to us. He breaks a glass and swooshes the water onto two of us. A shower of water. Later, when we ask for change for a $20, the young waiter who delivers it, gives it to the wrong person and when corrected, gives us a glaring eye-roll. Whatever! So: very disappointing food, nothing taken off the bill, lousy attention to detail, and an inexplicably slow kitchen. Four check-ins by a server cannot make up for terrible food and we won't be back.

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  1. I'm sorry you didn't check on this board first. I can see what I wrote in 2010 on my last ever meal there. The food was stone cold and the waiter was a clueless teen and then we had an enormous fly at the table during most of the meal.

    1. I think this place went way downhill about six years ago.