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Jul 30, 2014 10:29 AM

What words/adjectives are used to describe taste of cider?

I am starting to explore hard cider and would like appropiate terms/words/adjectives to use in describing its taste.

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  1. So many styles & flavors, so many words. Much of the language used to describe cider is similar to that used to describe beer or wine: still or sparkling, dry or sweet, crisp, wine-y, fruity, spicy, complex. On the bad side: flat, musty, stale, watery, has off-flavors.

    Others will occur to you as you continue exploring & taste a variety of ciders. You will find the champagne yeast/champagne method (sparkling) styles markedly different from the naturally fermented styles.


    I've found "ester-y" to be a helpful word in describing many english and basque ciders.


    Cidery. ;-)


    I found a few adjectives for Magners Irish Cider-

    chemically, vile,musty, off flavors

    I think it was the malic acid and additives that gave it such a bad taste


    Depends on which you choose. Something very simple like Woodchuck cider will taste like carbonated apple juice. Very straightforward. French ciders (cidre) will have more earthy, musty, funky, barnyard, complex flavor and drier. English ciders tend be more balanced, round w/o being cloying.


    Tart. Tangy. Sprightly.


    Usually I'd say "sweet" or "cloying".


    I wish there were more exceptions to that rule. There are some, but not many.