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Jul 30, 2014 10:24 AM

Has anyone tried Samudra Indian Restaurant in Jackson Heights, Queens?

Hey Guys,

Just curious if anyone has tried Samudra Indian Restaurant in Jackson Heights? I've passed the place several times, but never went inside. I think they are relatively new. They serve vegetarian Indian cuisine- which is great! I'm happy to see more veg. places popping up!


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  1. Yea I like it, give it a shot. They specialize in dosa

    1. Although this is an old thread - I wanted to give a short report on a recent visit to Samudra, a south indian vegetarian spot in Jackson Heights/Little India. We went the other day and had a great dinner. The restaurant is simple, long and narrow, comfortable

      We have been on a dosa and utthapam kick lately, trying them in many places. The dosa we had here was the best we have had so far. Just great, well made, great filling, excellent side sauces. The utthapam too was excellent. We also ordered an eggplant curry that was great, one of the best we've had of that well known dish. The owner is amiable, always there, friendly. Service was good enough, quick. It is definitely now on our go to circuit.