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Jul 30, 2014 09:57 AM

Help me find great Filet Mignon at St. Lawrence Market

Having never bought Filet Mignon before, I am looking for a little advice. What / where is the best vendor in SLM to pick up some delicious Filet Mignon (bacon wrapped). I will likely need about 40-50 of them for next weekend. Good price (what is even considered a good price??) would be nice too but more concerned about quality.

On another note, I am assuming this is considered a "big" order so I should pre order.

I work near here so it is very easy for me to get to which is why I am asking about SLM in particular.

Thanks for all your help and sorry for all the questions

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  1. Go to the first Butcher on the right as you walk in the main entrance and ask for Sydney, she is their main butcher for several years and is always there. Tell her what you need and she will hook you up. And yes that is a big order and you will need to arrange it ahead of time.

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      I think you are referring to Witteveen Meats...I buy from them all the time but to be honest have never bought a filet mignon from them....but I've always had a great expereince with their other cuts of meat....

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        No Witteveen is the second shop.. I am talking about the first one as you come in the doors... just before them... same side

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're talking about Carnicero's...

    2. We have had some nice filets from La Boucherie (sp?) which is in the north east end of the market. Agree with pourboi that preordering is essential.

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        I've never patronized pourboi's suggestion - I think it's called Witteveen Meats, though it might be Carnicero's - but both displays are certainly attractive. But I know La Boucherie, and it's first-rate. Let me add Whitehouse Meats, where I usually buy, to your list of possibles. You're looking at a big bill for a prime cut of meat, so it'd be prudent of you to check out each place and get a competitive quote from all three. I suspect there's not much difference in quality, so you should be able to dicker on price.

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          Definitely agree with the recommendation for Witteveen Meats. IMHO, the best meat products in the market.

      2. I use Whitehouse Meats at SLM. Speak with Lyla (owner) or any of the staff - I recommend Adam who is quite helpful and knowledgeable. or call 416-366-4465

        1. Thank you for your suggestions. All taken into consideration and will do some scoping out / exploring prices now.