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Jul 30, 2014 09:13 AM

New wrinkle on hard to get reservations

I saw this on SF Chronicle web site.

I wonder if they'll try to establish something in Vegas -- kind of an "eaters Stubhub".

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  1. Besides ė I don't think there are too many reservations that are hard to come by. And given that most people (speaking for us tourists) plan their trips well in advance it may not be that much in demand. I could be wrong but in the 29 something years that I have been coming to LV I have rarely, if ever, been denied a dining experience for lack of reservation. Just my thought.

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    1. re: LVI

      That was pretty much what I thought would be the case. However I won't underestimate the power of some folks to "complexify" an otherwise stable situation to offer delusions of "exclusivity".

    2. I hate this idea. Just like stubhub where you have people buying tickets who have no intention of actually going to the event, now you'll have companies like this grabbing all the reservations to the good restaurants and holding them "hostage" for a fee.

      1. There's a new company in NYC doing the same thing. Not sure if anyone is using it; I won't bother.