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Jul 30, 2014 08:48 AM

Sam Sifton Named Food Editor at the New York Times

He's the first to hold that title since the Craig Claiborne era.

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  1. Included in that article is the fate of the current New York Times Cooking beta: "Collectively, the new department will produce the weekly print and digital report, as well as the content that will appear on the Cooking app."

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    1. re: mcsheridan

      It seems as though the Times is slowing transitioning from print to digital, or at least trying to to some extent. I received a rather lengthy questionnaire from them asking very detailed questions about how much time I spend reading the hard copy vs. the electronic editions of the paper and asking even more detailed questions about whether or not I would be interested in a scaled back version of the hard copy and suggesting various forms that might take. I see this as part of that transitioning process.

      1. re: JoanN

        Sad. I barely ever look at the digital version but get very cranky (like this morning) when my print newspaper doesn't show up or is damaged.

        1. re: rockycat

          I am exactly the same. They will have to pry the paper copy from my cold, dead, hands. It's just a completely different reading experience.

          1. re: rockycat

            I'm the opposite. I still have a subscription to the print edition because my wife reads it. But I very rarely look at it - maybe once a month. On weekdays, I listen to the audio digest in my car on my way to work. And every day I look at the digital version (and the food sections in particular!) online. My wife is sometimes amazed that I've already made the recipe she's belatedly reading in her antediluvian print edition!

            1. re: drongo

              My husband loves the digital edition, never touches the paper I leaf through except to recycle it.

      2. Dean can provide a further service by providing a recipe for his father's excellent gumbo.