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Jul 30, 2014 08:10 AM

Favorite non stick pan?

I'm starting to beef up my cookware collection starting with pans I use the most and work my way down (went Vollrath tribute SS fry pan for my glazed meats, tomato based sauces, etc). Up next is a non-stick pan for eggs, pancakes, French toasts, etc.

I'm open to hard anodized, Teflon, ceramic, cast iron, or whatever else is out there. Since I typically hand wash all my pans anyway, dishwasher safe isn't a concern. It needs to induction safe, and I prefer the least "toxic" option (though there won't be temps high enough for this to matter most likely)

Thanks for any help!

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  1. I recently bought four of these from Ikea in two different sizes (two homes) and I think they're my favorite skillets EVER. And all four with shipping was under $70. Nice heavy bottom. I'm recommending to everyone whether they use induction (I do) or not.

    1. I like carbon steel and cast iron cookware for these nonstick task. However, nothing really is quiet nonstick like a Teflon cookware. It has a very small to no learning curve, and it is nonstick at all practical temperature.

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        Plus it lasts forever and you don't have to worry about scratching it.

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          It's funny. People regularly talk about nonstick that way but I've never had one 'fail.' Granted I use wood utensils but that's no inconvenience.

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            That's my experience also. I have one nonstick pan that was ruined by abuse but two others from the same line which have lasted 20 years. My new nonstick pan with a modern coating should last even longer, probably longer than I will.

      2. My favorite non-stick pan is my CI Griswold 8 - it is perfect, smooth and glossy and I use it for pretty much everything - which is why its perfect - the medium size and thin casting makes it fairly light - and appropriate for light frying, small roasts, frittatas, corn bread and other quick breads. This is a very different pan than a thick heavy lodge - it is lighter weight and machined smooth,

        I am sort of a collector and have quite a bit of vintage CI in my kitchen but the Griswold 8 skillet is the most reached for - therefore the most non-stick and most loved.

        1. I just get the heavy ones they sell at Smart and Final for what you are describing

          1. I have two new pans which have worked out very well. One is a Scanpan Classic 8-inch. This is a sturdy aluminum pan with a modern nonstick coating. I use it only to make an omelet, wash it by hand, and store it carefully to ensure longevity. The other is a Calphalon Commercial 10-inch "omelet" pan, which I never use for an omelet. I mostly use it to sauté vegetables — its shape makes it easy to toss them. This pan is hard-anodized aluminum inside and out (no nonstick coating). I seasoned it the way I would a cast iron pan and it has similar nonstick properties — it cleans up with just hot water. The only drawback to the Calphalon pan is the small diameter handle, which is somewhat uncomfortable. I think this can be corrected with a silicone sleeve, but I haven't found the right one yet.

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              I too have the Scanpan Classic 8-inch pan for omelets, it's great, but it will not work on induction as the OP mentioned. However, Scanpan does make an induction compatable version, CTX or something like that. Just bought one for my daughter, for eggs.

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                That's correct. I didn't notice the reference to induction. Calphalon Commercial won't work, either.