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Jul 30, 2014 06:34 AM

Korean Supermarkets

I live beside the Bellaire Asian corridor but am having trouble finding Korean products. I've been to Welcome, Jusgo, Viet Hoa, Hong Kong, Ranch Market. Looking for Korean Chili Threads and a few other products.
I ask in the stores I've been to and am met with blank stares or shrugs.
Is there a market that carries Korean products?

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    1. re: absurdnerdbird

      Thanks. The one place I haven't tried...

      1. re: Houcasey

        Yes, H-Mart is a dedicated Korean market. Also, up on Long Point, there's a small Koreatown. Bon Ga Restaurant is there, and if you drive along and look, you'll see several smaller Korean mom & pop markets.

    2. Behind Sinh Sinh, a few shops down from Arco Seafood, there's a market (not sure what is called right now, because it's changed names a few times), but the last time I went, all the labels said "H Mart," and there was a ton of Korean grocery items there. I think it's been bought by the Korean superstore. You'll have luck there, I was just there a couple of weeks ago.

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        1. re: happymmm

          I went there yesterday. It's called AA Supermarket and is owned and operated by H-Mart.
          I found the itens I was looking for and happily don't have to drive to Blalaock any more!
          Good prices too. A bottle of Rice Wine (same brand & size) that I paid over $7 for at Ranch Market was $1.49 yesterday.