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Jul 30, 2014 05:53 AM

Oysters on the half shell on Whidbey Island?

DC hounds here for a week for a family reunion. We're enjoying fantastic fish, Penn Cove mussels, and great NW craft beers...but having a helluva time finding anyplace with local oysters on the half shell.

We're flexible on everything else - location, atmosphere, price point, etc. Any tips on where to go?

(I've searched this board and the Pacific Northwest board already, as well).


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  1. Prima Bistro in Langley has them.

    1. I had them at Front Street Grill in Coupeville a while back. Might want to check with them to see if they're still on the menu.

      1. Hi, babbuino:

        Tobey's in Coupeville does shooters. The oysters served on Whidbey are usually from Samish Bay, further north (Blau or Taylor).


        1. Thanks, @Lauren, @Brunhilde, @Kaleokahu. We tried for Front Street Grill yesterday, but they were closed due to a repair issue (kitchen fan). Toby's wouldn't let us in (strict 21+ policy meant we couldn't bring the baby inside). We enjoyed some Penn Cove Selects at Prima this afternoon on the deck with a couple of Georgetown Brewing Co. draughts - fantastic! Thanks, all.

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            No baby? I was there last Sunday for lunch, and I could *swear* there was at least 1 infant there. Phillistines!