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Jul 29, 2014 06:51 PM

2 ravenous bikers seek London Sunday dinner near Regent Park

Greetings London chow'ers,
My brother and I are doing RideLondon in a little less than 2 weeks.
That's 100 miles on our bikes in 1 day.
When we're done, suffice it to say we'll be ravenous...but also tired and somewhat lazy.
We're staying at the Melia White House by Regent Park and would hope to find terrific comfort food (ie not fancy food) somewhere relatively nearby for what could be an early dinner (around 6p-ish)
A Sunday roast perhaps?
A great poulet frites?
A gastropub?
Wonderful Italian?
Open to any other thoughts as long as it's not too far and we don't have to get too dressed.
Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. There are lots of choices over on Marylebone High St. or its surrounding streets. I'll just name a few places, and you can do the homework.

    Caffe Caldesi
    The Providores/Tapa Room
    Fischer's - a new Viennese place

    Good article I just spotted:

    1. You are sort of on the right side of town for the Bull and Last. Maybe a short cab ride (or bus - trains are tricky around that area) but definitely relaxing and hearty portions.

      1. How about burgers?

        Patty & Bun, Honest Burgers, and MEATLiquor are all fairly close, about 10-20 minutes. Honest is my favourite of the three.

        Franco Manca on Tottenham court road also does a decent, and very cheap Neapolitan style pizza.

        Roti King (also known as Euston Chinese) is also nearby, just behind Euston Station. Does very good Malaysian style roti canai and curry. They have a normal Chinese menu too, but I'd avoid that.