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Jul 29, 2014 04:26 PM

Has anyone been to California Bakery in the Tenderloin? [San Francisco]

I was shocked to see no posts about this place--at least none that I could find. Wondering if anyone knows anything about California Bakery, 77 McAllister St in the Tenderloin. There aren't many bakeries in this neighborhood, and we were just discussing this one, but there's so little info about it online! The bigger topic is the dearth of baked goods in the Financial District in general, which explains why people working in offices go to Specialities all the time. But back to the point at hand--California Bakery? Anyone?

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  1. California Bakery does offer cakes, pastries, donuts, maybe pies too. looks too much like s donut shop
    the glazed (1.)was perfect, melt in mouth
    french crueller (1.35) not firm enough, kind of mushy.

    "superior" coffee, passed on it. no body.

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      Thanks for the report, @shanghaikid. Glad to know what someone has actually tried it. Seems like you're the only one so far!

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        the shanghai gourmand has an exceptional metabolic rate and/or endocrine/digestive organs.

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          "had" have less of an appetite now.