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Jul 29, 2014 03:32 PM

2014 Ontario Sweet Corn

Any confirmed sightings of fresh 2014 "local" Ontario Sweet Corn yet ?

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  1. Corn Crib corn from Strathroy is available at Remark Market in London and at the Covent Garden Farmers Market (Thu and Sat) in London. 6 for $2.99.

    1. Yes.... I've seen the truck(s) from Sweet Ridge Farm parked around Scarborough. In fact, I bought some today @ Kingston Road / Markham, and will be having it shortly.

      1. I have a related qt. Hope you dont mind I stick it in here.

        Saw lots of sweet corn in a weekly Farmer's Market last week. The corn on the cob is not all yellow but mixed of yellow and " white", if you know what I mean. And also in Loblaw's flyer this week advertising Farmer's Market Sweet Corn - product of Ontario.

        I love sweet corn but have been hesitant in buying them over the past years. Are Ontario sweet corm non - GMO? What about those from outside of Ontario?

        Hope someone can enlightened me. Many Thanks!

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          Loblaws is selling GM corn. I would not buy any sweet corn in a supermarket. You can be certain of what you're getting (i.e., non-GMO) when you buy certified organic sweet corn. Otherwise you have to know and really trust a farmer and buy directly from him/her. Ask not only if it's non-GMO, but if it's "Bt" corn (another way of describing GM corn). Or ask if the corn variety they're selling is Passion II, Obsession II and/or Temptation II. These are Monsanto's GM varieties.

          The best corn I've found in the past few years (all-yellow varieties), which happens to be certified organic, is grown by Sosnicki Organics. Sold at a few farmers' markets in Toronto, but I don't think it's ready yet.

          Read this article. Quite pitiful.

          1. re: Tatai

            Truth is in short supply on both sides of this issue, the linked article being a good example of scare tactics and simple ignorance of crop management of non-organic non-GM corn.

        2. Sweet corn at the Thursday farmers market @ Roy Thompson Hall last week - it was fantastic grilled.

          1. I'm seeing it everywhere. I'm just curious....I didn't know farmers or distributors were able to store corn on the cob for a year like they do apples. Your question implies they do so I'm curious to learn if that is actually true that you could find 2013 cobs that look good enough to buy?

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            1. re: justsayn

              You cannot store corn on the cob for more than a few days to 1 week depending on storage conditions. I think the OP put in the year to distinguish the post from previous years posts.

              I had fresh local corn 2 weeks ago at my parents in Hamilton they got it from a farmer in SW Ontario and it was AMAZING. It was Peaches & Cream (white and yellow kernels). I used to work on a Sweet Corn farm as a kid (30 some years ago) and the best corn was actually white corn (all white small kernels, very tender and still a great corn taste). But people would not buy it because they thought it was "not ripe", thinking corn turns from white to yellow as it ripens.. which it does not...

              When selecting cobs I always go for the ones that are not fully developed right to the silk as they are younger and more tender than cobs that have big kernels right to the end.

              1. re: pourboi

                Ok thanks. That's what I thought. Emphasis on 2014 threw me off.

                1. re: pourboi

                  Thanks for the tip, pourboi! I'll be checking for that next time I'm at the Meadowvale/Sheppard pickup truck.