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Jul 29, 2014 01:56 PM

mambo 64 [Tuckahoe, NY]

Going to try this place ,in tuckahoe,in a few hours. The reviews on-line,and ny times looked interesting.Was wondering if anyone here has tried it.

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  1. I was there once, I wish I had liked it more than I did because the owner was lovely. The food while not bad just did not knock my socks in I don't remember what we ate. The art is very interesting and the ambiance is nice, I hope you enjoy it. I looked for pics of the meal but they appear to have been lost along with all my other photos ( 12 years worth) :((

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    1. re: chowdom

      My Cuban husband and I tried it several weeks ago. The staff is really lovely, it's a nice ambiance, but the food is just ok-it's not terrible, but it's not brilliant. We had the beef empanadas and almost needed a microscope to find them on the plate. I think maybe there were three of them (can't remember-I was so shocked at the size), and each was two dainty bites---for $8.50. And the flavor was just ok. We also had the gambas al ajillo, and again they were passable, but not great, and I recall the portion was on the small side. I really miss the tapas bar that Rafel Palomino had there.

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        Seems as if we had similar experiences at Mambo...Like you I very much miss Bistro Latino. Terrific food and very nice friendly staff. I love all of Rafel Palomino's places. I was sad to see Pacifico in Port Chester close as well.

    2. Went last night.the staff and owner were very nice .the food was o.k.,no more no less. had a combo of both empanadas,entirely too small and the filling was minuscule and tasteless,I had to be reminded which was which. Panuchos were ok but the flavors were indiscernible.also had the gambas-that was very nice but extremely small portion.Had one mains the pernil-nice but most of the flavor was from salt. the brownie at the end was very good as were the drinks.savored(group on owned) reservation system had a 25% discount in place- made for a decent meal at a decent price,full price would be too much . The flavors need work and if they are to concentrate on small plates ,would recommend more variety, still i am hoping they make it

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        Chowdom--have you been to his new place in Larchmont?

        51rich: So you had the same experience as well? I can't imagine that they're going to last with small portions of expensive so-so food. Who are they blanding down this food for???

        1. re: Maryld

          Wasn't so much that it was bland,more like ill-defined,except for the empanadas where the filling was so tiny that it would have had to be intense just to be notice.I think they need to adjust the recipes and expand the menu ,if they are going to rely on small plates.

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            Maryld I have not been to Palomino in Larchmont. As a matter of fact I forgot about it until you mentioned it.
            For some reason I thought Bistro Latino was relocating to Larchmont.
            I think I will stick with Sonora, at least during the summer months because I like sitting outside on the small back deck.

            1. re: chowdom

              Sonora is a great place. I think we'll give Palomino a try in the next few weeks.

              1. re: Maryld

                has anyone tried la cienega in new rochelle?Thought i would try them next.