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Jul 29, 2014 01:39 PM

Coppa or Sportello?

I'm coming to Boston early September and am now working on some dinner reservations. If you had to choose between Coppa or Sportello which one would you pick and why?


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  1. Coppa is one of my favorite places in Boston. The menu is fun and deeply delicious. The service is always great and the whole staff seems to enjoy their customers.

    It's also in a great block where you can explore a wonderful vintage cookbook and kitchenwares shop-farm and Fable, a great cheese shop- Formaggio South End, and a small Syrian market with some good stuff.


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      And Polka Dog, the best Dog Bakery/Boutique in New England.

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        And Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffins at Wholy Grain.

    2. I'll say Coppa, which has a much nicer atmosphere and great food. Although sportello is good, the vibe is more lunch counter than dinner.

      1. coppa times a millionty.

        get the lamb tartare.

        1. Definitely Coppa! Mostly because the counter style seating at Sportello isn't ideal in my eyes - certainly at that price point.

          1. Thanks for the replies. Everyone is in agreement -- I'll go with Coppa. And now I've freed up a night to go somewhere else.

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              i don't know if that was a flag, asking for suggestions, but if so, scroll down in this to my v.long post:

              (Fwiw, Sportello is rarely mentioned on CH; i've not been tempted to go. Coppa is frequently CH suggested. I find it has v. good food and a special spirit/energy about it.I think that's a direct reflection of the owner/chef Jamie Bissonette(won James Beard NEast this yr.)who has a very generous, easy going, welcoming way about him and has done alot to encourage an informal inter-supportive chef community in Boston.)