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Jul 29, 2014 12:30 PM

Breakfast suggestions

Visiting in December; renting a house in the Quarter.
Suggestions for breakfast places?
Also, was thinking of heading out to the Camellia Grill since I had a great breakfast there years ago. How is it these days?

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  1. My favorite breakfast place in NOLA is Surrey's, whose LGD location is about a 30-minute walk (not a pretty walk, but a safe walk) or about a 10-minute drive from the French Quarter (depending, of course, on where in the Quarter you are). Not fancy. Super casual. Moderately priced. Delicious. If it's crowded (and it usually is), you can walk a block up Magazine and grab a good cup of coffee at Mojo while you wait for a table.

    1. The Camellia Grill now has a location in The Quarter at 540 Chartres; however, the name has changed due to some legal dispute. It is called The Grill NOLA. Still good! My favorite breakfast place is Red Gravy at 125 Camp St. (just across Canal from Chartres). I believe brunch is offered there almost daily now (closed on Tuesdays).

      1. I recently ate at Horn's on Dauphine just across Esplanade from the Quarter. It took over the old La Peniche spot (which was horrible). It was very good. Worth a visit.

        1. My favorite FQ breakfast spot is EAT on the corner of Dauphine and Dumaine. It is BYOL, so make a big Zing Zang Bloody Mary to bring with you.

          1. I think Elizabeths in the Bywater area is fantastic. The candied bacon is wonderful and they make great morning cocktails.

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              I would second Elizabeth's....we did brunch there, and lambrecht is right...the praline bacon is the bomb. Remember having a cochon de lait poboy that was out of this world good. And the drinks are nice and strong!

              1. re: Christine

                I thought that too about Elizabeth's praline bacon until I tried Horn's version; the latter is in a completely different league. In addition to the sweet and fatty flavors, they add in a considerable amount of black pepper and a little crushed red pepper giving it the right sort of heat to offset the sweetness. Kind of a surreal place -- hunting lodge meets terrible pun -- but the breakfast was solid.

                1. re: montuori

                  Horn's is a new one on me...I'll have to keep it on my radar because their praline bacon as you described it sounds outstanding!

                  1. re: Christine

                    Count me as one who loves candy and loves bacon but doesn't get the whole candy coated bacon thing. Elizabeth's has lots of fans; it's never really done it for me.

                    1. re: Blumie

                      Just want to add to my prior post that I haven't tried Horn's, but I'm certainly willing to do so and to give the whole candy coated bacon thing another shot!

                      Edited to add: My research just revealed that Horn's is owned by the Slim Goody's folks. Slim Goody's offers a good breakfast, but I'll still stick with my original recommendation of Surrey's. That said, if in the Marigny, no reason not to try Horn's (or even Elizabeth's, in the Bywater) instead of trekking to the LGD to Surrey's.

                      1. re: Blumie

                        To be sure, of the places mentioned Surrey's has the best breakfast.

                        1. re: Blumie

                          How about the Bywater (or is it Marigny) location of the Ruby Slipper for breakfast? Any experiences/opinions of that one? or even its other locations for that matter?

                          1. re: Christine

                            A friend went to the newish Canal Street location and did not give it high marks. I sent her to Surrey's the next day and she reported that she much preferred Surrey's.