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Jul 29, 2014 12:28 PM

Vegan Soy Shreds, etc

Verisoy (VegeUSA) offers a shelf stable vegan soy meat in all types of shapes... I picked these up at the oriental market and I have tried several times to cook them. What is the trick? I soak in hot water, flavored or unflavored. I drain. I squeeze them until all water is removed (or so it seems) and then marinate and cook. TASTELESS. Watery. Bitter after-taste. I have done them battered and fried. I have done them baked under bbq sauce. I have simmered on stovetop. Always ends up a watery weird flavor. Usually too chewy and funky texture as well. I can't find ANY recipes on their site. Google searches always give me "Butler Soy Curls" which are not the same, these tiny soy blobs need a lot of help...

I would give up but I already have 5 bags of the stuff in many different cuts (including a "beef" style that is dark and looks like cuts of beef!) that I want to use...

What is the secret?

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  1. I haven't tried this product specifically but it was something similar where it had to be rehydrated.
    Honestly I never figured it out, there was always a weird chewy wet sponge texture (and flavor!) so i cut my losses and chucked the rest of it..... It does sound like you have tried every which way to make something but at some point its more expensive to keep them since you keep using other ingredients that are wasted in the end.

    Their website is semi-useless but try their "contact us" tab and email the company about preparation and recipe suggestions. But it might be the product itself is the dealbreaker...

    1. Hmm. I have no experience with these, as Butler soy curls are my shred-of-choice. Maybe if you reconstitute, then drain/squeeze/resoak in a change of water a couple times it might take the bitterness away? I like the soy curls sauteed in some oil after soaking, and before adding to a sauce or baking - it helps the texture not be squishy. Maybe you could use them in small doses in soups or stews?

      1. Thank you both!

        I have not tried changing out the water, but I did do an overnight soak in broth and then pressed the next day. No help with the taste.

        I came across a blog(a woman from India) recipe that had you soak, drain, then mince in a food processor before making patties. Defeats the purpose of the cute little shapes but...

        Just looking at the bags make me feel such guilt. Lesson learned.