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Jul 29, 2014 06:57 AM

Late Dinner Suggestions

I'm in town with a couple of friends staying at Le Parker Meridian. We have late tickets to Sleep No More, and we were wanting to have a good, fun meal before we head over there. We weren't sure if there was anything close by where the show is. Reaching out to see that first.

If not, we would always be up for good sushi somewhere near the hotel.

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  1. For suggestions that will better fit what you're looking for, what is your budget per person, including drinks before tax and tip?

    1. Txikito is really fun for Basque Tapas. Look for specials like the roast suckling pig. Have fun!

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          If txikito is booked nearby is el comedor and el quinto pino as well

        2. Trestle on Tenth
          Izakaya Ten

            1. Barchetta - great, diverse, stylish crowd, delicious seafood, new place at 23rd and 10th. Their crudo is better than the sashimi in many sushi-ya in the city. Make reservations.