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FERRERO Pocket Coffee?

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Does anyone know if I can get this item in montreal? Its chocolate, with a liquid expresso center..heavenly! Available in Germany and Italy....thanks!

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  1. I would try Milano grocery on St. Laurent in Little Italy. They carry a lot of Ferrero products.

    1. sounds sooo yummy!! Let me know if u find it~~~

      1. I was in Italy last month and got hooked on these. I tried Milano yesterday and also Capitol at JTM. No luck. Anyone seen these recently?

        1. Have you tried Vieille Europe?

          1. I just heard someone go on and on about these and now I want to find them too. Let's bump this thread back up and see if anyone knows where we can find these chocolates.


            1. They are awesome. I have tried Vielle Europe and all around Little Italy. Can't find them in Vermont either. A friend of mine ordered a box online and I've been rationing them out for the last couple months. The ones he found were labeled for sale in Germany but they were still the same great candies I had in Italy. When I checked online last summer, they were on hiatus - the company stops production in the summer because of quality concerns (melting) so you may need to wait until fall to get them for a good price on the 'net.