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Jul 28, 2014 09:32 PM

Boyfriends birthday/moving in dinner

For his birthday next month, my boyfriend said all he wanted was for me to make him dinner. Unfortunately at this point in time we are living in a weird combination of his parents house and the basement of the family I'm staying with so there is really no good place for me to cook said dinner. We are planning on moving in together sometime in late September- early October so it would be much easier and much more romantic for me to cook him a nice meal on our first functioning day in the apartment (and by that I mean once everything is unpacked) since it will be in our own place. However, this means I have to make something really "wow" worthy since it will be a delayed celebration of his birthday (aside from giving him his presents since he won't let me take him out for dinner) AND the first meal we will be sharing in our new place. I really, really need some help here. I am open to any type of meat or seafood used. He's not picky so I can make him anything as long as it's nice. I figured I would make a salad, a main dish, a dessert and possibly, if I'm feeling up to the challenge, an appetizer. Any and all ideas are appreciated! If it helps at all with suggestions, I am very familiar with cooking things from scratch and more complex recipes since I spent 8 years as a vegan and needed to follow some complicated recipes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! :)

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  1. A great filet dinner always has a bit of "wow" factor. You can fancy it up with a bearnese sauce, or mushrooms sauteed with garlic, butter, wine and herbs. You can go traditional with a baked potato, or play around with some potato recipes (such a versatile starch! Same with the veggie--creamed spinach is always tasty, or you could do roasted brussel sprouts with caramelized shallots, bacon, and balsamic. A great salad I do that is SO simple and delicious is spinach, with chopped apples and white onions that have been marinating in dijan and white wine vinegar, then all tossed together. A great app that goes with this and looks very fancy is asparugus in phyllo dough with hollandaise. Let me know if any of these appeals to you, and I will share whatever recipes I have!

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      I'll bring the red wine and I'll move in too! Great suggestions!

    2. If you want to do a four course meal (appetizer, salad, main dish, dessert) I'd suggest making an appetizer that can be put together ahead of time - preferably one that "melds" together better with a few hours in the fridge - a salad that is quick to put together but packed with umami, a hearty grain (rather than protein) based main dish, and fruit based dessert.

      In this vein, I'd suggest:

      Chilled Tuna Poke
      Arugula/Pine nut/Parmesan/lemon vinaigrette
      Mushroom and Bacon Risotto
      Spiced Poached Pears and Creme Anglais

      The other courses in this meal should be "light" enough to offset the creamy heaviness of the risotto.

      1. I'd choose his favorite starch, protein and sweet and then work from there. For instance, my DH loves potatoes above all other starches, fatty beef or pork above all other meats, and tangy stuff (lemon, sour cherry, etc.) for dessert. If your BF has strong preferences in those areas, let us know and we'll help you build the perfect menu!

        1. Are you comfortable with grilling? and if so are you comfortable with grill steak? If so you also need to know the what temp he likes his steak at, (Rare, Medium Rare, Medium ) Etc.

          I really like the suggestion of the chow hound who mentioned filet because most guys who eat meat really enjoy filet or a nice grilled steak.

          Drink: Wine or his favorite beer
          Grilled steak
          Baked or Mash Potato
          Grilled veggie or veggie dish (seasonal)
          Dessert Chocolate Mousse




          Surf and Turf
          Pick your proteins
          (Scallops, Lobster, Shrimp, Crab, fish)
          (Steak, Pork, Lamb, Chicken)
          This has good ratings -

          1. I say first do some reconnaissance next time you can catch a minute with his mom- ask if there was a special birthday meal he loved as a kid, or maybe his grandmother always made him lemon squares, or he loved ribs- whatever.
            Then use what you learn and go from there, spending the most time and effort on said special dish from his childhood. Often those memories are very special and something as simple as a version of lemon squares could make his day even more important since you found out and made them.