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Jul 28, 2014 07:44 PM

One special dinner in SF!

A special friend wishes to treat me to a very special dinner in San Francisco. He has asked me to pick the place There is a bit of a problem, but it shouldn't be insurmountable. Cost is not an issue, but he wants something quiet, elegant and definitely special…but he is pretty much a vegetarian, and somewhat picky…does not like mushrooms, or eggs other than fully cooked chicken eggs, or ingredients that are not easily identifiable. He will eat some simply prepared fish…but only salmon, sole or perhaps halibut. We obviously need a kitchen that is somewhat flexible. What do you recommend? Are Gary Danko or Coi possibilities? Does something else come to mind? Many thanks!

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  1. A former vegan friend of mine ADORED Atelier Crenn. She called ahead and they created a menu just for her and her adult daughter who's an omnivore.

    1. Coi and Atelier Crenn don't seem like good fits for anyone who doesn't like "ingredients that are not easily identifiable."

      1. Does he only want ingredients he is familiar with, or is he ok as long as the staff identifies every ingredient for him (as they do at Crenn)?

        1. Others may disagree but I suggest calling La Folie and ask for help planning a very special dinner for your friend.

          When my best friend turned 50, I called to make a res for 3 and asked tentatively if I might get something special for him. The lady said, "Hold on," and then Chef Passot introduced himself and we talked about my friend quite informally. I told him I trusted him to feed us well.

          The result was a a custom 6-course meal featuring the specific items that make my friend drool, including the Grand Marnier soufflees Chef Passot had regretfully said were impossible. (He came out and laughed at my face when I saw them.) My buddy framed the menu they'd prepared for us.

          SERVICE. That -- and the food -- is why I adore La Folie. I'm *nobody* and this is how they treated me.

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            I think La Folie and Gary Danko are probably good choices for this. They both offer a choice of three to five courses from an a la carte menu, which is easier to adapt for someone who wants simple food than a tasting menu where the kitchen is geared toward turning out the same dozen or whatever dishes for all diners.

            Chez Panisse downstairs would be another option.

          2. I like the seafood dishes at gary danko.

            gary danko is also very good about and used to catering to picky people or people new to fine dining.

            I think coi could be good, but you should call them and ask first. i've seen them make accommodations (ie substituting white fish dishes simply done) for neighboring tables.