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Jul 28, 2014 07:42 PM

9 days dinners, lunches - what are you eating?

Tonight's dinner took no time, no effort, and no thought. I boiled penne shaped pasta, drained it and tossed it while hot with a drizzle of olive oil and baby arugula, then tossed in chunks of cold cooked salmon. A grind of pepper and that was dinner.

Surely, however, someone has favorite hot-weather dishes for nine days. Or perhaps someone is seeking distraction form the headlines by planning something nice for dinner, or lunch.

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    1. re: shoelace

      I have a container of ricotta that needs to be used up...adding this to my menu for the next few days!

    2. We have the somewhat odd situation that we are moving at the same time, so food is somewhat limited in terms of what we can do easily.

      In terms of specific stuff that's particular to cold weather- we're doing a zucchini ricotta tart with potato crust (see How To Cook Everything Vegetarian)- better warm, but it's pretty good cold. We were able to get some fresh artichokes, so we're having those at some point. Smitten Kitchen has a smashed chickpea salad that we're having with home-pickled red peppers and homemade bread as open faced sandwiches, and we did Smitten's Spring Salad with New Potatoes for a lunch. The other stuff we're doing is not specific to summer- homemade pizza, lentil dishes (though a lentil stew could work), etc.

      1. Last night I fired up the outdoor pizza oven. Made 4 pies. 1 traditional sauce and Mozzarella, 1 white with spinach and Feta for youngest daughter, 1 with garlic, oil and fresh native tomato slices and a bit of basil and the last was light tomato sauce, marinated artichoke hearts, fried breaded eggplant, fresh sliced mushrooms and sliced red onions.

        Tossed a fresh salad and we ate outside under our gazebo.

        Tonight I'm grilling fresh vegetable kabobs and serving them over rice pilaf (for Mrs. B and myself) or coucous for the daughters.

        Wednesday night, youngest daughter has requested a spinach and Quinoa lasagne. It doesn't sound appealing to me, so while the pizza oven is hot I'm going to make calzones with mozzarella, ricotta, mushrooms and eggplant. I'll probably have leftovers for the kids lunch on Thursday.

        Thursday night will be Chinese theme. Vegetable Lo Mein. Mushroom Egg Foo Yung, Vegetable Fried Rice and Vegetable Spring Rolls. Normally I'd make these with beef, lamb or veal, but they work fine pareve.

        Haven't given thought to the following non-Shabbos days, but with a bounty coming up in the garden, I'm sure we'll be seeing Eggplant in grinders(subs), meatless moussaka with bechamel sauce, fresh baba ganoush. All simple to make and requiring little forethought

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        1. re: bagelman01

          OK, that settles it. I'm taking orders now for Bagelman's Home-Baked Pizza. Offering to drive my imaginary, antique, wood-paneled Chevy Suburban up to Connecticut tonight and deliver fresh pizza to everyone in the Lower 44 (states that is, all of the states beneath New England - that culinary Eden where everyone bakes homemade pies in a personal, backyard, fieldstone pizza oven all summer long. I'm ordering the mozarella.

          Will start taking orders just as soon as I finish phoning in an IDF pizza delivery.

          1. re: AdinaA

            With apologies to the Everly Brothers:

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            1. re: AdinaA

              The pizza oven is my one saving grace during the 9 days. I'm an extreme carnivore. My mother served meat meals a minimum of twice each day and salami and eggs is just fine for breakfast.

              Way back when I was a young single I had an all fleischiges apartment. I drink my coffee black..............

          2. Last night I made a hearty salad with spinach, tomatoes, corn sliced off the cob, farro, and a few other veggies, topped with simple baked salmon. The night before was a vegetarian lentil curry topped with poached eggs. I usually don't eat meat more than once a week (besides Shabbat) anyway, so it isn't that hard to get through a week without any!

            1. Mac and cheese!!!! Also risotto and tons of roasted veggies.

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              1. re: PotatoPuff

                Whoever invented mac & cheese, hope they gave her a Nobel Prize. it's the best.thing.ever

                1. re: AdinaA

                  tonight i made a corn and chickpea chowder and we had it with grilled cheese, super comfort food

                  1. re: shoelace

                    Comfort foods for the 9 days. Makes sense on so many levels. Partly, I think, because comfort foods / nursery foods, tend to be simple, inexpensive, often dairy. But during this particular 9 days, we all need comfort. Courage, resolution, nachamu.

                    1. re: AdinaA

                      This afternoon oldest daughter (26) is having a group of old college girlfriends visit. One of the girls called me 6 o'clock this morning to put in a request:

                      Tuna Noodle Casserole
                      B's Seven Cheese Lucshen Kugel

                      Cinnamon Almond Brwonie with cream cheese frosting

                      It will be carb heaven for the girls.

                      Everything is in the oven. My daughter will make a salad

                      I'm leaving by 11:30 before the hen party begins

                      1. re: AdinaA

                        the corn and chickpea chowder was ridiculously good, to the extent that i packaged it in individual servings for reheating and two of the packages were hidden when i came down this morning

                        1. re: shoelace

                          Will you share the recipe if I promise not to sneak in and snitch some out of your fridge?

                          1. re: shoelace

                            Can you tell us the recipe for the corn and chickpea chowder? I looked through all the posts on this thread but didn't see it. That sounds like it would be a big hit with my crowd.

                            1. re: helou

                              I kind of made it up based on a combo of a cauliflower corn soup and a soup i had at a veggie restaurant up in nh

                              oh, so i diced 3 onions, and browned them in a splash of olive oil and then added a diced bell pepper, 6 cloves of smashed garlic, a bunch (maybe 4 T) of grated fresh ginger and a can of drained goya chickpeas- i let them warm through, then added two diced medium yukon potatoes, then i sprinkled on a little over a 1/3 of a cup of cornflour and mixed it in until it had kinda coated the veggies, but you couldnt see it, and a then i added a 1 lb bag of frozen corn, and about a cup and a half of fresh corn

                              then i mixed it all together

                              then i added boiling water water to almost fill the pot, like 8 cups im guessing, and a couple of spoons of chicken consomme (i was supposed to use veggie broth, but my storage of veggie broth in my freezer is oddly missing AND 1 whole chipotle in adobo, that i removed before serving

                              i let it simmer for like 45 minuets and served it with a little bit of shredded monterey and chopped scallions on top