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Jul 28, 2014 05:48 PM

Where to get Chinese takeout in Old Greenwich/Stamford/Norwalk?

The Chinese restaurant Pearl East for takeout in Stamford burned down and is still closed. I really liked their Chinese food the best. I don't like Tengda, although I've only had their Japanese dishes, I don't like how their fish is always fishy tasting. Kam Pei I love for Japanese. I tried one of their Chinese dishes and it was really fresh tasting but oddly bland.

Does anyone know when Pearl East will reopen?

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  1. I think Panda Garden's food is ten times better than Pearl East's ever was. You just have to get over the fact that it is a dingy, grimy take out joint. PG is cheap and the food is good. They will take requests as well.

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      Thanks, I've never heard of Panda Garden but will have to check it out. I forgot there is a Chinese place in OG right off exit 5. went there once when I first moved to the area but don't remember much.

      1. re: mushroomaffairs

        The place off of exit 5 is Hunan Cafe (in the CVS plaza). I had dim sum there once and was pleased, but my opinion a little weighted as they are the only place in the area that does dim sum at all

    2. Asiana in Greenwich on Putnam has opened a location in Stamford in May, called Asisan Bistro on Highridge Road. Very good food just like Asiana in Greenwich.

      1. Not sure when Pearl East is re-opening, but think I read it was arson, so probably a while. Wild Rice on High Ridge Rd (corner of Cedar Heights) is pretty good as is Asian Bistro (also on High Ridge Rd.)