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Jul 28, 2014 05:47 PM

Manhattan Hound Visiting: Sat rec PB - Delray corridor

Staying at The Breakers this coming weekend to see friends and their 11-15 yr old [sophisticated] daughters. Friday night dinner at Echo with just friend and husband. Saturday need rec for one family coming up from Delray, another from West Palm Beach (just across from Breakers)and me at The Breakers. Group of 9, prices not an issue.

Daughters love donning dresses for a proper dinner, but need not be so if there are more casual options with good food.

Note: I am hosting the ladies during the day Sunday beach/poolside at Breakers, so not interested in options there if any good to begin with.

Many thanks.

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  1. Looks like you're from NYC so you probably don't want to do Café Boulud Palm Beach... but if you do, that's an option.

    The other obvious go-to spot in downtown Palm Beach itself is Buccan with JB nominee Chef Clay Conley. This is quite a bit more of a high-energy scene than Bouldud, but the dining is terrific.

    Maybe the bigger problem as I see it: Even though it is off-season, you may have a tough time getting a Saturday night rez for 8 to 10 at any place good on four days notice... unless you go for maybe 6PM or 10PM. But you can also try calling.

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      Spoke to a chef working in the area... His thoughts on options other than B & B... I would trust this person's opinions... Unfortunately, most are not first-hand either.

      "Cafe Sapori on Southern Blvd is a good place for a large party. Old school Italian, very "Palm Beachy" and the food is consistent. It's not trendy or creative, but the pasta is made in house and they have a great wine list.
      "I haven't been to Table 26, but I hear good things. PB Catch is definitely classy, but I haven't eaten there so I can't really say if it's good or not. Jove at The Four Seasons PB is supposed to be good too."

      1. re: CFByrne

        How kind of you! I checked for rez at Buccan on OpenTable and it was too large a group. I need to get my act together and make some calls.

        Will report back.

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          Ate at PB Catch last weekend, it was very good--fish focused, with some interesting things on the menu, including "seacuterie", which were small plates of riffs on charcuterie using fish. The octopus torcheon was excellent. Not a huge room, but think they could accomodate a table of 9, although might be short notice for this coming weekend.

      2. Why not try Bice in Palm Beach. Very Palm Beach and the girls can get dressed. Palm Beach Steakhouse across from The Breakers . Good food and very pretty restaurant.

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        1. re: rsanders99

          Thanks. The BICE for years in Manhattan was dreadful and full of a rather vulgar crowd IMO. I get quite a bit of traditional steakhouses in NYC. We have rez for Echo tonight; and Sspori for 9 tomorrow.

          1. re: rsanders99

            I was under the impression Meat Market took over Palm Beach Steakhouse and will not be opening (reopening) until September.