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Jul 28, 2014 05:18 PM

Weekday breakfast north of St. Clair?

Open at 9 am Friday? All the other threads focus on downtown. The only place I've come up with so far is Boom on Eg.

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  1. I've had lunch at Hotel Gelato on Eglinton a few times and it was quite decent. I'd imagine their breakfast is good, too. Nice, comfy place.

    1. Goodbite or Hazel's Diner.

      North of Wilson, there's also Steve's, Times Square Diner, the Fry Basket and the Sunshine Spot.

      1. Not sure why the insistence of North of St. Clair - but just south of St Clair is Sunny Morning at 1392 Yonge which is very reliable and opens at 7:00am. Often a line-up (at weekends anyway).

        1. We went to Emma's Country Kitchen on the north side of St. Clair, west of Oakwood last week and it was a very good breakfast. They make their own bacon and sausage patties, both of which are good. Nice, friendly service, too.

          1. Um, north of St. Clair is more than 2/3rd of the GTA. East/west? How far north are you willing to go?