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Jul 28, 2014 05:03 PM
Photo Story

My Chowhound Wedding

I took a break from Chowhound (and most everything else) back in March, to prepare for, and enjoy, our wedding. Some hounds had asked me to share some food photos from the wedding, so I thought I'd play around with the new photo story option.

Several Chowhounds helped make our wedding wonderful: mariacarmen came up from San Francisco to be my woman of honor, and she worked like mad doing all the last minute prep: shopping, slicing plating, etc. Neecies went above and beyond the call, making plate after plate of wonderful food. Freida and her husband provided the music. BombayUpWithaTwist and her husband came all the way up from L.A. to celebrate with us. Nightsinge performed our ceremony and filled the room with love and laughter.

It was very difficult to narrow down to ten pictures, and some amazing dishes didn't even make it into the photos. No photo of the porcini-stuffed pork roast, for example. Or the panzanella, the platter of imported cheeses, the Tuscan liver pâté, mariacarmen's mushrooms, the caponata, the many bottles of wine....

The foodish bouquets: Artichokes and herbs. Boutonnieres had herbs and chiles.

Lots of oysters and some busy shucking going on.

Salmon carpaccio, by Neecies.

Giardinera with shrimp, by Neecies.

Garbanzo purée with rosemary squid, by Mr. Nightshade.

Tuna confit with tomatoes and olive tapenade, made by me.

The beautiful cauliflower mousse, by Neecies.

The haricorts verts with pesto, the torrone, the skewered zucchini ribbons, and in the distance, the salumi platter. All by Neecies!

The table.

And the top of the lopsided cake that I was throwing together at the last minute! It had several layers of chocolate olive oil cake, interspersed with ricotta, grappa and berries, and topped with ganache and more berries.

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      1. re: jeanmarieok

        Truly beautiful food arrangements. And I can only imagine the wonderful tastes.

      2. OMG, stunning!!
        Now I need to look up cauliflower mousse recipes!

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        1. re: monavano

          Thanks monavano! This mousse was extraordinary, with perfectly blended fresh mozzarella in it, as I recall. Of course the triangular tin and the decorations put it over the top.

          1. How delicious looking. Lucky wedding guests (and lucky you and your mister)!

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            1. re: Caitlin McGrath

              Thank you Caitlin! We were and are indeed very lucky!

            2. What a beautiful table.

              It sounds like this is belated by a few months, but please accept my many congratulations to you and the very lucky new Mr. Nightshade!

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              1. re: Jacquilynne

                Thank you Jacquilynne, congratulations happily accepted.
                I really would not have known half these people were it not for Chowhound. Now we've been supperclubbing and otherwise hanging out for several years now. All the food was made by hounds. Other hounds and friends of hounds supplied music, wine, and assistance. I am so grateful for this community!