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Jul 28, 2014 04:58 PM

My Favorite Corn Muffin Recipe

(from Dorie Greenspan's recipe


These corn muffins are great and have come out perfectly each time I've made them; everyone loves them.

I use olive oil instead of corn oil. I whisk dry ingredients but use a rubber spatula when mixing dry with wet. I also think the tops should be more golden than in this photo of SmittenKitchen's.

When I mix in the fresh corn I also mix in:

6 medium green onion, chopped finely
3 medium serrano chilis, seeds and all (not that hot when cooked in the muffin; if you're wary, use none or one) chopped finely
1 cup coarsely shredded cheddar cheese

I use an oven thermometer set at 400°. In my old oven, these took 19 minutes. In my new (used) oven, they take about 28 minutes. I have no idea why.

Great warm. If serving later, 15 or so seconds in the microwave is a good idea.

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  1. These are the ones I make but I increase the cornmeal by half and decrease the flour for a Better taste and more texture. and also I think this is twice as much sugar as I like.
    Last time I made them I used coconut oil, which I thought was an improvement.

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    1. re: magiesmom

      In other words, you don't use this recipe at all.. grin.

    2. Another big thumbs up for Dorie's corn muffin recipe. It's easy and never fails. I like some of the add-ins, must try them soon.

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      1. re: DiningDiva

        It's the baking powder that gives them the nice air pockets and the corn kernels for the flavor/texture boost. Try adding grated cheddar cheese, really works well. If you're daring and have access to a great tasting Extra Virgin Olive Oil, scrap the corn oil, what a taste!

        1. re: treb

          I can get fantastic olive oil, I like that idea too

          I've put blueberries in the muffin before and that works out pretty well too.

        2. re: DiningDiva

          I forgot to mention: for the cornmeal, I use Bob's Red Mill, medium grind.

        3. Good lord that's a lot of sugar! In a batch of cornbread, I usually use 1-2 tablespoons.

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          1. re: 512window

            In fairness to SmittenKitchen, and not to get into the whole Southern vs. Northern cornbread thing, the recipe is for breakfast/snack *muffins*, rather than a savory accompaniment, in place of other forms of bread, to an entree, even though the OP uses them in savory form.

            I once read SOMETHING that said it was the key to corn muffins not being crumbly but still having a lot of corn flavor, but didn't write it down and now have zero idea what it was. Not buttermilk. BTW, I once noticed that in different CI or CC articles on cornbread/muffins, one said buttermilk makes for crumbling, and the other that it prevents it. I wrote to their headquarters to ask what gives, but never got a response.

            1. re: 512window

              Yep - Southern vs Northern variations, and I have recipes for both kinds that I use about equally. My recipe that's similar to the one OP linked to has 4 T. granulated sugar and equal parts flour/cornmeal, no added corn kernels stirred in. It makes a sweet, soft, muffin or bread square. My recipe that's perhaps closer to your's uses almost all cornmeal (only 1 T. flour), 1 T. sugar, and 1 C. of buttermilk. It makes a crispier, dryer, bread that's great with chili, but best if eaten the same day.

              1. re: 512window

                I don't care for overly sweet things; nobody I've served them to thinks they are too sweet. Maybe I'll try cutting down to
                4 T.

                1. re: 512window

                  For those who prefer less sugar, Dorie Greenspan also has a good confetti muffin that uses a chopped jalapeno. Perfect for chili.


                  I prefer the corniest one, overall, but those who want a less sweet one might like this better.