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Jul 28, 2014 04:53 PM

BP Oysterette - very disappointed

Finally went to BP Oysterette in Santa Monica for the first time. I don't plan on going back.

We started with an oyster sampler. Oysters were not cold, and poorly shucked, pieces of shell in several of them. Many of them also had a sort of green slime coating the inside of the shells. No idea what was up with that.

Next was sea bass ceviche, Peruvian style. The dressing was very very spicy, completely overpowered the fish. I've had ceviche in Peru, but nothing like this. I think they were going for a "leche de tigre" kind of sauce, but missed the mark with too much heat. Only plus was it was a large portion. A large portion of substandard ceviche.

Then came what I had been waiting for! An order of steamers and an order of friend clams. What a huge disappointment. the steamers were terrible. Each one just a pile of mush - you could not pull them from the shell. Not particularly surprising, as I saw our bowl of steamers sitting for a good 10 minutes before it was brought to us (we were sitting at the bar - there was no reason for it to sit for any amount of time). they took these off the bill. And the fried clams were also terrible. Tiny tiny clams - there must have been 20-25 tiny clams on the plate. They tasted of stale oil. I love love love steamers and fried clams. I'll have to try Connie and Teds next.

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  1. That's too bad....

    Did you detail your complaints to management?

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    1. re: Dirtywextraolives

      Yes - and they took the steamers off the bill. We were starving and did not have time to grab more to eat afterwards, so we ate most of the other stuff. The steamers were gross and truly inedible.

    2. BP is on bucket list since they hooked up with Open Table. They are good about honoring "sit on patio requests, etc." at the Ocean Avenue location.
      I am still of the old school who doesn't order oysters in the summertime. It may be an urban legend, but I don't order fresh oysters in those non "R" months.
      Too bad about the steamers. That is one dish I generally order and it has always been good.

      1. Love steamers and fried whole belly clam (RI expat). I've only had horrible steamers in LA until Littlefork's, which were excellent, but I haven't been to C&T yet.

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        1. re: TheOffalo

          I'm also an RI native. I haven't been to BP in a few years, but I recall their fried clams being spot on at the time. The lack of coffee milk, however, was inexcusable.

          1. re: jdwdeville

            That's why I try to bring back a bottle of Autocrat whenever I visit.

            I really haven't found great fried whole-belly clams in LA. I think I tried it at BPO but they weren't very good when I had them.

              1. re: jessejames

                Malibu Seafood has the best I've had in the Southland

                1. re: jmkRacquetball

                  ive always found their fried food "off" in a sort of chicken mcnugget battery kind of way but between crappy fried seafood them and neptunes net, it's close...but I think it like neptunes clam strips the best of the bunch there.

                  I haven't had the other grilled fish etc at MS tho

        2. Go to Connie & Ted's. I live close to BP Oysterette and haven't been there in years. Because, well, it's underwhelming. C & T's is always a treat.

          1. I have been to Connie & Ted several times now and found their fried clams and lobster roll very good. Stay away from the steamers. Insofar as their hard shell clams are concerned, they have a clam that is smaller than a Littleneck and larger than a Manila. I prefer their oysters.